K’anchaq Sonqo ~ Heart of Light June 2nd 2012

I feel I need to repost this, because it is so essential.  I need to be reminded of this because the drama going on in the world keeps pulling us to go into the triangle of victim, perpetrator and saviour, to identify with the stories.
Deep munay to ALL that is.

We are sometimes overwhelmed by all the drama in this world. Still we learned on this path that things are good as they are, that the most painful situation in the end may turn out to be a great gift.  So many times I want to say “What do they think they are doing” to the politicians, the bankers, the military, the Monsanto’s, the animal killers, the child abusers, the dictators …… . But then I know we are all One and their souls chose to act out what must be acted out. So I retire into my inner sacred space, into my Heart and connect to inner peace and Love and send them Love and Light.
Deepest munay to ALL that is .
Art by Annelie Du Toit

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Posted in K'anchaq sonqo, New Earth Consciousness

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