Do NOT be “Concerned” about The Future

The New Divine Humanity

Do NOT be  “Concerned” about The So Called Future!!

Many write about “what is to come”…because this is New for Humanity and the “future’ is constantly shifting..the Precise Occurrence is not written in Stone, so to speak.

One Major think…worrying or being concerned about it IS THE OLD PROGRAM!! The Mind getting in the way, the mental Body!!

This will be Natural. And for those who have chosen not to shift, it will be natural for them as well, because THERE are NO mistakes. Frequency is always right, this is Cosmic Law.

Having said all that, I get constant questions about what will take place during this momentous time on Planet Earth.

On 12.21.12 a Major shift took place. This is continuing to play out in its frequency and FOR good reason! Simply your body could not handle more than it is handling Now. Your CELLS and DNA, therefore physical…

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