Your Very Own Heart, Hidden in Everything You See


By Bentinho Massaro

In my view/experience, each individual being as we know it, consists of a lower, incarnate self, and a higher self, which is the same one being, just different levels within its own essence.

The higher level of this consciousness has access to (or is) intelligence beyond time and space. It knows and sees so much more, and it guides and loves that fraction of itself which it has send into incarnation. Like a guide, like an unconditionally loving teacher, it is present to its small part(s).

This level of ourselves has access to the capabilities of these higher levels.


In the most dire of circumstances, when you find yourself asking God, Life, or your Higher Self in utter desperation: “Why me?? Why would you do this to me??”

That unconditional, higher level of your very own Self, would want you to know its answer:

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