More cosmic rays incoming ……… The Many

There are also some cosmic rays coming to your planet with a different purpose. We do not know if these will be affecting you at this time for we do not know if you are in the right vibratory place by the time they get here. But understand when these cosmic rays hit your planetary atmosphere, there will be a sense of… like a calling to be doing certain things in certain ways, to be speaking certain words in certain ways, to be showing and promoting and encouraging certain things in certain ways . These rays will be working with other light show-ers, and as you show your light, others need to learn how to even turn theirs on. These rays will assist with that information. It is thrilling in many ways for the changes coming now will be happening swiftly. As you allow yourself to absorb these changes also swiftly will be your feelings of your own empowerment, your own power ability to manifest, your own knowledge that it is not as it was before. You are learning not to use your dollars or your economy or your things to be measuring your power, but rather understanding that the power within self is connected to the Universe, connected to All things.

We will also say to you when these cosmic rays come through, that you will be aware, we do not know yet if it is for you, but you will be aware. So as we have said to all of you in the past, you wish to make sure you communicate one to the other so that you can compare notes. You can feel comfortable with what is happening because you know that everyone is aware, but do not get caught up in it being one way for this one and a different way for that one. That does not make one right or wrong, it simply makes it the compatible process in the moment. Just like not all people have a calling for singing. If someone cannot sing, it does not mean they are a bad person. So know that each has an individual purpose, and you will be more aware of that purpose as time continues on.

When you reach your mid-year, there will be announcements that will affect the rest of your year. In these announcements, you will be able to better understand some of the things of your lifetime, some of the things of your responsibilities, some of the things that make you more human, and yet at the same time, recognize that you are not upon this planet alone. There are opportunities coming for each of you to focus your energies in such a way that you will accomplish more. You have all felt a bit scattered of late. We will say this new energy coming in will assist in focusing, and whatever you focus on, you must be cautious that you have all things in alignment with your focus, and that includes your emotionality, that you know how you wish to feel, that you are indeed aware of what those feelings are when you send out your information to the Universe, for you will be manifesting more than ever before. It will be a fun time will be had by all.

The Many

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