The road to Q’eros messages from the Andes ~ May 24, 2013

hucha  ~  heavy energy that blocks the reception of Sami the clear refined energy.. the energy of who we truly are.

Sami  ~  the refined energy, the light energy, who we truly are behind the stories of our lives. related to Munay.

When the stories of our lives overwhelm us it is hard to imagine that is possible to really let go of the hucha.  But I have watched Lorenzo move through one of the most painful situations a person can face and I watched how he allowed the waves of emotion come through him, how he was able to fully express them and then let them go, it was like watching a dance… something remarkable to witness and I learned in those days that the letting go of heavy energy means that first you have to feel it and acknowledge it and then like water let it move right on through.  Our bodies are made largely of water, emotions are equated to water, and so perhaps to remind us that nothing is permanent; all is meant to flow.  Emotions come and go like waves.

Today as I face the sun, I ask to be reminded of this as I move through very difficult emotions, to be reminded that nothing is permanent and to let it all flow as water flows and in this way I am fully human, I am constantly in flux of receiving the light energy of sami and experiencing and releasing hucha.  Perhaps this is our calling after all to be human and at same time remember who we truly are and that is MUnay, love.

In this way with all my love and no fear truly I greet this day!


Good morning, afternoon and evening!

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