You Have Angelic Connections ~ Archangel Michael – May 18, 2013


Here is a meditation, a teaching, and a gift from AA Michael to help you create or strengthen your connection to the Archangelic Realms and begin to reclaim your memory, your destiny, and your power. It was part of a recent channelling by Ronna Herman.

Beloved masters, I ask you to close your eyes for a moment. I wish for you to sense my presence, not just read this message I offer you.

When you have sensed Michael’s presence, then read the rest of this, and allow yourself to fully feel that it is being given directly to you. It is real. AA Michael, and the promises he makes, are as real as the screen or paper that you are reading from.

We have a Divine connection, you and I, and yes, I mean each and every one of you. You are here on this planet because we sent out a clarion call and you answered.

You had to meet certain rigid criteria and undergo what might be called an intense training process in order to qualify for this grand experiment on Planet Earth.

Draw forth that memory from deep within the core of your heart and soul. Allow yourself to sense a feeling of expansion, a richness, a joy, as we merge our energies, one with another. I send you a Ray of Love from the center of my Being, a gift that is yours alone.

We of the angelic realms are as anxious as you to reclaim our connection. We miss your presence, Dear Ones. We have been separated too long.

If you are willing, I will assign to each of you four beautiful Angelic Beings. But you must ask for this gift.

These are more powerful than any other of the myriad of angelic helpers you have assigned to you, as these beloved angelic Warriors of Light will come to you at my request. There will be two with feminine energies and two with masculine energies to serve you.

If you want to receive this gift, close your eyes now and ask. Then go on to read the remainder of this message.

I assure you, they are real! As real as anything you can touch in the physical realm.

Ask their names, and allow a sense of their personalities to emerge. Attune to them with your inner senses. And give them assignments. Direct them to assist you in every endeavour, whether it be abundance, health, organization, protection, creativity — there is no limit to what they can do.

The more you interact with them, the more real they will become and the more you will see how helpful they can be.

It is time for you to receive some of the rewards for all your patient endeavours, all your trials and tests. Gradually, we are resuming our proper relationship with you — with all Humanity.

We were not meant to be separated or divided. It was intended that you would be able to interact with us telepathically, even lift your Spirit into the realms where we reside and spend time with us and receive succour.

Even when your Spirit incorporated fully in the physical vessel, it was planned that we would always be available to guide, encourage, and support you. And it has been so — but in a much more limited way than was originally intended. When the Earth was jolted off its etheric axis and sank into the third dimension, one of the greatest tragedies was that we could barely penetrate through the density of the lower astral planes to connect with you. You forgot we were all a part of the Plan — that we were “in this together,” in this experiment on a planet you now call Earth.

We could only reach you in your dreams, through the yearnings of your heart, and the gentle nudgings of your soul. We became unreal to you — myths, fantasy, or a hope of the faithful.

More recently, we have begun to rebuild our connection with you, as you have cleared the static between us by refining your auric field so that you could once more access the higher dimensions.

Also we have been able to accelerate the process because we were given permission to intercede in order to activate your awakening. You agreed, before you were allowed to incarnate in this lifetime, that when the proper time came you would allow us to set aside your free will and direct you toward your destiny onto the path of awakening. Many of you may recall exactly the time, place, and circumstances in which this took place. We nudged you onto the path, and nothing in your world has been the same since.

We are all brothers and sisters, my beloved ones, no matter what our lineage, heritage, or level of awareness. You have forgotten you are Divine Beings, that you are only visitors here. Your home is out among the Stars, in a vast and wondrous place that has no boundaries, no limitations — the Realm of All Possibilities.

You are the leaders, you are the examples. You will represent the vision and carry the standard of what the future holds. We are ready to assist you, my brave warriors. Allow us to support you, bolster your courage, sharpen your insight, and give you direction.

Together, we will overcome any adversity. We will prevail. But then, I never had a doubt.

Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael.

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