The Road to Q’eros messages from the Andes

kawsay Pacha  ~  the world of living energy. 

“The fourth Q’ero principle is kawsay and means “life.” This doesn’t encompass its real meaning, however. Kawasay refers to the matrix of energy of the web of life that links all living things on Earth. In that way, it is connected to Pacha mama. Earth-time and life are inseparable. Therefore, Pacha mama is not only the ground on which we live and that supports all things, but is is also imbued with life-giving energy. The Q’ero call this intertwining of life and energy kawasay Pacha, the world of living energy.” J.E. Williams. the Andean Codex.

Today as I move through my day I am focused on this connection and and express deepest gratitude and munay
with all my love and no fear I am living my day.
Deepest munay to you all

Good morning, afternoon and evening!!!!

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