There Are No Set Backs, You Are Constantly Moving Forward: Channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Dear hearts, we understand there are times when you feel pain or confusion in your hearts.  We understand there are times when you feel there are set backs along your journey, and we say to you, this is simply not so.  Although you may see this differently, all depending on the perspective within your current reality, we ask you to understand, and believe as you progress in your ascension process there are no set backs.  You are constantly moving forward.

With each step you take, no matter how difficult, you are always moving forward.   At times you may feel as if you are stuck, or perhaps dangling precariously over an enormous precipice where you may fall to the bottom at any given moment, but we say to you, this will not happen.  No matter how enormous or precarious the obstacle may seem, this will not happen.  You simply will not allow it.

These places of feeling “stuck” are truly places of learning and growth.  These are the times when you are asked to go within to the deepest aspect of you, to reflect, to recognize what is your truth, and perhaps, what is not.

These times of confusion, despair and bewilderment as to what is occurring from one moment to the next will fade, and you will continue on, as you move from one stepping stone to the next, your hearts will fill with trust, and faith, as you gain confidence in the ability to understand in the divine plan which is rapidly unfolding for all of you as individuals, and within your world at this time.

Dear hearts, what you have experienced within your many lives while locked away within the confines of illusion takes time, and courage to access the root of your wounds for their final release.  When you fully immerse yourselves into the depths of self where the origin of this root lies, only then, if you chose to do so, will you release it.   Thus, your journey continues while constantly moving forward; one stepping stone to the next, and always towards the light.

We ask you to have faith, for the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a faint glow, or a flicker in what seemed to be eternal darkness.  This light grows stronger each day, and as the end of the tunnel draws near, the glorious light within each and every one of you grows stronger, and brighter as well.

We say to you, do not succumb to despair and the lower vibrations when trials of the heart and soul are encountered for these are the necessary stepping-stones which will guide you to your rightful place as divine beings of light.  These are the necessary stepping-stones for your growth and learning which will enable you to fully comprehend the truth of who you are.

We are the Guardians of Light.  The enormity of the task you are all undergoing fills our hearts with gratitude and love.  We commend you for your great courage, and strength of heart.

We ask you to forgive, to release all which no longer serves you, and to surrender to the beauty of what is unfolding within, for this is your truth, as you will all soon become fully aware of.

Go in peace dear ones.  May your hearts fill with joy, love, and laughter.  May you remember your greatness, your strength, and your truth.  May you also remember, we are always with you.

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