Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, Written by Caroline K.A. @ May 6, 2013


Love, Compassion and Forgiveness are the three prime components in our ascension process.  How many times have we been asked to show unconditional love for everyone and everything, especially ourselves?  How many times have we been asked to show compassion and forgiveness?  This sounds like a relatively easy concept to understand, but when we’re faced with experiences in our lives which are troublesome, and cause us pain, how do we find our way back to feeling love, and compassion for what hurt us?  How do we find it within ourselves to forgive?

Love, Compassion and Forgiveness are essential in the access, and release of what no longer serves us, and our new way of being.

When we love all aspects of ourselves, and others, and when we feel genuine heart-felt compassion, especially for those who have hurt us, forgiveness sets in, and like truth, it sets us free.

Lately, I’ve had an emotional go around with a lower vibrational energy, or a fragment part of my ego, which I mistakenly thought was for my greatest good, when in fact, this energy had ulterior motives.  The details are not important, but what I feel I’ve learned from this experience is, and I’d like to share it here with you.

We are repeatedly being asked to dig, deep within, and face our shadow self.  As our beings are infiltrated with more and more light, we’re also entering a time of heavy resurfacing issues which are coming up for release.

During this time, we may also become quite vulnerable.  Sometimes, dark energies will take advantage of our vulnerability in order to keep us confined within the illusion of the lower vibrations.  This energy targeted my vulnerabilities in the areas which hurt the most such as unworthiness, and self love, all of which are major issues for me.

This fragment of ego, an aspect of myself, however manipulative it was, taught me a very valuable lesson, and for this reason, however strange this may sound, I’m grateful for the experience because it opened my eyes to a truth which I knew existed, although I wasn’t completely aware of, nor to the powerful emotional hold it had over me, until I was hit right through the heart, in the worst way.

Loving ourselves, which means every aspect of us, including ego, good or bad, positive or negative, whether we like it or not, requires compassion, and understanding.  Those aspects of self which no longer serve us, need to be released, and this is precisely the reason we are being asked to face our fears, and issues, once and for all.

We can turn dark into light, and this is exactly what is happening in our world today, on an individual scale, and as the collective of our dear planet, Gaia. This is in a sense, ascension.

When we take heart-felt action to bring about change, especially within our personal lives, we are in turn bringing change to the world around us, and this means, to every person we interact with on a day-to-day basis.

This, in combination with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness can turn pain, hurt, and despair into a learning experience, and rather than succumb to the dark, we can rise above it where love and light will always prevail.  This is my decided course of action from here on out, especially when it comes to those aspects of myself which require love, compassion, and especially forgiveness.

Everything we need in regards to love, happiness and light, comes from within.  There are no outside sources that will provide this for us.  It has to come from within, and this part of me, this fragment of my ego taught me how important it is to love myself.   If we can’t love ourselves, and every aspect of us, then how can we possibly love others?  How can we show true compassion, and forgiveness for others if we can’t show it for ourselves?

Forgiveness, will help us greatly in healing our wounds, and with forgiveness comes surrender.  We’re being asked to surrender, and release all aspects of wounded egos, our opinions of ourselves which we’ve taken on over the years, self-limitations, and judgements because as we move into the new era there is no place for duality, and illusion anymore.  It’s not who we are, and it never was to begin with.  That was the greatest illusion of all.

No matter how arduous the  journey may seem, if we are open to learning and growth, understanding will follow, love and light will fill our hearts, compassion for all life will set in, and forgiveness will set us free.

This is only my opinion, and I realize all of us have had different experiences within our lives, and to different degrees, but holding onto our pain, resentment, or anger towards ourselves, or others, does neither party any good.

If at all possible, turn dark into light.  Go deep into the core of your being, access those wounds, although seemingly scary or foreboding, you will find loving guidance there which will take you back up to the surface once again, and into the light.

Love, Compassion and Forgiveness at all times, especially for self.

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