A 5th Dimensional Healing Visit and Opening up Communications with my Pleiadian Family by Goldenlight 5-5-13

Lindy Longhust, serpentmandalas.com. 'Vishuddhi'- the 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra. Located at the throat region the chakra represents all forms of communication and speech. It governs our sense of diplomacy and good will between others.

image by Lindy Longhust, serpentmandalas.com. ‘Vishuddhi’- the 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra. Located at the throat region the chakra represents all forms of communication and speech. It governs our sense of diplomacy and good will between others.

On May 3, I had a beautiful 5th dimensional healing “visit” with my Pleiadian family. I was feeling stress from work and my body was beginning to exhibit signs from this severe stress. I went into meditation and called on my Pleiadian family to lovingly ask for a visit with them to assist me in physical healing at this time. I transcribed this laying down on my iphone so it flows as notes that I took rather than being in eloquent written form ;)

Had some extreme stress this week from work… which I think was affecting my nerves…eye started twitching and is doing so on and off right now.. Became fearful that the nerve damage would come back.. Want to avoid this at all costs. (In 2011 I developed a nerve disorder due to work stress, which I was able to heal quickly, but it was scary. It has not come back and hopefully never will.) Have also been thinking about aging vs reversal of aging lately.

Dear Pleiadian Family..
I feel that I am ready to reunite with you.. Do you have any healing chambers aboard your ship? Could you take me to one? I am in need of assistance with healing and reversal of aging and would most enjoy a reunion with you … I feel that I need to bring some info and awareness to earth about your healing technologies and other technologies as well as just aspects of your (and my original) advanced Pleiadian societies.

We are most pleased that you are asking us this and even more pleased that you picked up on our telepathic message that we can assist you at this time and that we have much info to share and to contribute to your earth’s recent hearings in the US (citizens Disclosure Hearings) regarding our presence. We wish for you to be a conduit of information from us to your earth so that information and communication can begin to flow from us to you and back to us. In fact if your readers want to submit questions to us we would enjoy answering them. This then can be the beginning of our open harmonious interrelations between us. Remember we are all emanations from Source, so it is really Source knowing Source in the grander scheme of things…

As far as coming to visit with us, if you wish you may now lay in a relaxed state and meditate upon this. You will be able to travel to us in your 5th dimensional lightbody to one of our cloaked ships that is actually quite nearby to you. We have been here near where you live since you made your connection to us last fall and yes the “cloud” you saw yesterday on your beach walk was our ship.


This was in the same location as the cloudships you saw on the day you saw the rainbows last March. We are able to disguise our ships into any outward appearance or manifestation that we wish.. Our ships are controlled by conscious computers that respond to our thought vibrations so it is as easy as saying we want to appear as a cloud and it is done.

Now rest and lay back and enjoy your journey to our reunion and healing… we welcome you aboard most highly esteemed one! And we send our blessings out to you in welcoming you back to one of your true homes. Your dear cat may come with you as he is in need of healing as well. Journey well dear one!

As I lay in meditation, the most interesting thing happened. My house became almost translucent and my family’s ship embraced me where I was laying…it seemed like it was too difficult in my mind to “travel” to them, so they brought their ship to me! Or perhaps I somehow transcended the third dimension and we were in a 5th dimensional space together as I met them and was surrounded by their ship and their healing technology. I began to see them around me and they told me their names. All communications were done telepathically.

Their names came to me in my mind as ~

Key-Ra “kee-ra”
Anjuli-Na “ahn-joo-lee-na”
Ta-Ra “tah-ra”
Kaen-Ra “cane-ra”
Alüst-Ra (accent on u) “ah-loost-ra”

Alüst-ra was the one who assisted me with most of the healing during my meditation. She explained to me the healing modalities that they were assisting me with. She told me that my Pleiadian name is Sah-Ra, meaning “one who is of the light” or “bright star”.

They accelerated reversal of aging
Healing of nerve issue
Healing of trauma for both my cat and me
Accelerated manifestation abilities
Accelerated DNA sequencing
Awakening dormant abilities of levitation teleportation telepathy accelerated manifestation reversal of aging process

They said each day these new abilities and healings, as well as age reversal, will accelerate for me, and will begin to accelerate for everyone on the planet as we move further into the 5th dimensional frequencies.

They said we of earth need them more than they need us. The visit was a 5th dimensional light body experience. They told me “Your third dimensional body is beginning to fade away just as the third dimension begins to fade away. Your body is transforming into a 5th dimensional crystalline body – the new human which will be able to withstand the 5th dimensional frequencies. Your entire being is beginning to synchronize and harmonize into the 5th dimension.”

I feel so good after this healing meditation and visit with my Pleiadian family, that I think I will make these meditations and visits a regular thing. Also looking forward to opening up communication with my readers for questions to them.

Readers who wish to send in questions, please send them to “questions at thegoldenlightchannel.com” (address broken up to avoid spam; send in usual email address format) ~ please keep them brief with one question per reader. Thank you and I will do a channeling each week with your questions! This is the first time I have opened up communication with my readers since I started this site last November; please be respectful and loving when sending any communications or I will be inclined to discontinue this. I look forward to receiving your questions and starting these interdimensional, intergalactic communiques!  With love and light, Goldenlight. :)

(Note: ok, something really interesting just happened. I looked again at the mandala artwork on the top of this post: I am seated in meditative pose at the bottom; above me are the first three beings I saw: Key-Ra, Anjuli-Na, and Ta-Ra; to the left is Kaen-Ra and to the right is Alüst-Ra. Even their hair color is the same as I saw in my meditation. Also, I was born in the Year of the Snake, and there are serpents in the mandala. I didn’t even notice all of this when I first chose this artwork for this communique. Wow!)

Channeled by Goldenlight, thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit without alteration when re-posting this message.

Original message: http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/a-5th-dimensional-healing-visit-with-my-pleiadian-family-by-goldenlight-5-5-13

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