Tolec / Free at Last

Cycles; Endings and Beginnings Are in Motion

There is much happening out there!

What may seem like negatives, may be positives. The hundreds of starving sea lions rescued and being rehabilitated in Southern California and manatees dying and washing up on beaches on both coasts of Florida—it sounds tragic and tugs on our heartstrings, yes, but all is unfolding as it must.

In our new 5D reality, we can create anything we choose. Just as our galaxy and our planet and the rest of the cosmos was planned and  imagined into being by Creator Gods, so are all species on this planet, and many others. Our flora and fauna is protected by ascended beings, just as we are, and although we fight to protect endangered species, perhaps we need to place more trust in the energies that engage the life cycles on Earth and focus on our new and wondrous reality.

There is also news today that Tolec’s web site is no longer available because the domain name has expired. Alfred Labremont Webre sent Tolec an urgent message and learned that Tolec has finished his business with the Andromeda council, has left Tucson, Arizona and has decided to relocate somewhere in the East to resume a normal, low-profile life.

UPDATE: Not sure why the conflicting information, but Webre now reports he received this information from Tolec:

TOLEC UPDATE (3/24/13) “Alfred, ‘Was out of town, working out in the ‘sticks’… with no web site capabilities over the past three days… whilst the Andromeda Council web site came up for renewal.
I took care of it this afternoon. Paid for… another year.
It s/be back and completely functional again… by tomorrow, Monday, March, 25th.
Thanks for your concern, and the heads-up.
your friend,
‘hope all is great in your life,

We could read all kinds of things into that, but perhaps it’s just one more cycle that has run its course, and a sign that new beginnings—very exciting ones—are in the wings. If Tolec has completed his contract to awaken and inform us, I see that as a GOOD thing—a milestone—a marker that we have progressed to another stage of our journey to freedom and Ascension!

Why am I so optimistic? Much of it has to do with Sheldan Nidle’s webinar that just concluded today on the topic of the Agarthans. Believe me—it wasn’t just a rundown on the Agarthans—it was fabulously exciting news about our very near future! I’m almost speechless, but I know my vibration is miles above where it was before the webinar.

I’ve been infused with a new vibrancy and anticipation as a result of what I learned today. I believe this information came forward when it did for very good reason, and if you attended I’m willing to bet you would agree.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who registered for the repeat webinar for this upcoming Thursday, so… if you haven’t registered, I really think you will want to take it in.  The more people who are aware of what is to come, the higher the vibration on the planet, and the sooner The Announcements will come.

What I will say is, The Announcements will advise the people of the world (among other things) that First Contact is coming. Sheldan says that our Galactic families take daily readings on the intellectual/emotional/spiritual readiness of Earthlings globally and the decision as to when we are collectively ready will depend on those daily “dip sticks”.

After The Announcements, it may be less than a month until the mass landings. They are key to our Ascension. Our ascended mentors and guardians are most eager to get on with our awakening to full consciousness.

After First Contact, when we meet our assigned mentors who will help us assimilate our new reality, it may take up to 14 months or so, they estimate, for the bulk of Humanity to come to terms with the Truth of our existence and our destiny; to release the lies they have been told about every aspect of life and our history.

When we are ready, our personal mentor (who may be Agarthan, Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran, Andromedan, Antarean, or any one of the other star nations that seeded this planet, will guide us and see to it that we ascend in a three-day process. The reasons for this are fascinating and Sheldan has confirmed that because our DNA/RNA was messed with by the negative Atlanteans and the Annunaki, we cannot undergo an organic ascension process. We need our star families to help us.

All is well.  Each one of us is guaranteed to be sped on our way to full consciousness and the bliss it will entail with the help of our star families. Imagine! We are made up of the stuff of 50 star nations who created Lemuria in 900,000 B.C.!

It is nearly time  for us to return to our true essence and to Source.

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4 comments on “Tolec / Free at Last
  1. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  2. neil says:

    we cannot undergo an organic ascension process… BS 😛

  3. Nicole says:

    We will see about Tolec he is giving an interview on May 17 th. Check his website. Does this mean that he is not for real. He was supposed to be working on organizing the coming of the three Andrmedans, Tanya and the other two that I forgot their names. I find it hard to beleive that he would just close his website and o on with his life after all that has been said about the next years to come. i hope Tolec is still with us. Nicole

  4. Ron Holder says:

    I just went to Tolec’s site and it is there!
    I used the bookmark I had saved –
    It also states:
    Notice: please look for a new, upcoming Tolec interview, Friday evening, May 17, 2013, with Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency Radio at: The scheduled interview time is: 6 – 8:00PM (Pacific Time) (USA).
    So, it sure doesn’t look to me like he has quit!

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