~ ♥ ~ Creators message to humanity ~ ♥ ~ Karen Doonan April 29, 2013

We are the Creators and we come to guide and to support as the human race now moves in vibration and becomes more aware of ALL that exist around them. Information placed across the different sections of human society will now begin to reflect the changes and the shifts in vibration that have occurred both within the human race and upon and within the planet on which they exist for ALL ARE ONE and ALL are connected.

We come to share our words with you at a time where all will change as the reflection that is your waking human life now comes fully into balance. That which you have been taught as TRUTH will now shift and take shape as TRUTH JUST IS, do you understand our words? our guidance? TRUTH JUST IS, no amount of explaining or justifying is needed for at a deep level now YOU are more aware and more resonant to the energies of the old earth than ever before. For many of you this will be a period of intense change as you begin to release all that no longer resonates with your new higher energy signature for the human race in general has shifted in its frequency.

That which you have been told will happen across your planet can now be processed at deepening levels and TRUTH will be revealed through the words and the VIBRATION of all that is put in front of you to digest. We ask for you to process the VIBRATION and the FREQUENCY of all that is shown to you at this time for the smoke and mirrors of the old world may still glitter until they fade out completely.

Massive changes to your human society will now unfold, they unfold at a rate that is acceptable to you in person for you are the creators of your own human life experience. Now you are able to access more fully ALL tools that are presented to you on this planet, no longer vibrationally locked out of TRUTH you will be able to connect and to share with ALL on this planet to deepening levels. Events will unfold across and within planet earth that will show the depth of vibrational frequency that has now been anchored upon and within planet earth. That which has been denied to the human race will be gifted to the human race for ALL ARE ONE.

We ask for you to honour the cycles of your human vehicle, for so long you have been taught to ignore these cycles and now these cycles come to give you their gifts. Honour how you FEEL at this time, work with the new energies and anchor TRUTH to new levels. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE and that LOVE is now working to free you from the cycles of the lower dimensional energies that have kept you blind to all that is presented to you and around you. As you clear your vision and come fully back into balance we ask for you to have LOVE and compassion for SELF as you begin to realise just how controlled and manipulated you have been within the lower dimensional energies. ALL ARE ONE and we ask that you gift yourself the LOVE that IS and resist the temptation to retaliate for retaliation serves no one. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race unable to anchor any other way of BEing. We ask for you to realise that they no longer can influence the planet and her peoples in any significant way. The old earth will now dissolve and this has already begun in TRUTH.

Detach from the need to react and listen to you human vehicle, balance is attained by grounding your energy signature and breathing. We ask for you ALL to breathe, you have been taught that change is something to be feared and yet the changes are leading the human race out of fear and anxiety and towards peace and harmony. That which is not TRUTH will now dissolve and that which is TRUTH will resonate more and more strongly with ALL. Be centred in your energy signature and understand that the energy that you are in TRUTH is eternal. ALL are now guided by their SOUL and the SOUL is now asking for expansion and growth. The planet earth is now coming into a frequency that allows for this expansion and growth and this will be shown in TRUTH to ALL.

We are the Creators and we will guide more in due course, for the moment we ask for you to stand in your LIGHT and to find balance at all times. The release of the lower dimensional energies may invoke a sense of drama or panic and we ask for you to detach from these scenarios, understand that the old earth needed the reaction to panic and fear in order to survive. This is now negated under the new earth, to detach from the drama and to hold more LIGHT is the way to work through this transition period for all now are in transition. The old will dissolve as it was always to dissolve for the NEW EARTH is now born in TRUTH.

We ask that you rest, that you breathe and that you have TRUST and FAITH in SELF at this time. This is a period of re-balance and re-structure. ALL is perfect for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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