Bentinho Massaro: Imagining Our Future


If we wish to evolve our world, and the ways of the world, we have to make men imagine. We cannot fully become what we cannot first imagine.

Imagine our planet 25 years from now. Here is a slice of mine:

∞ Free energy at every house hold and in every country.

∞ A positive and harmonious collapse or disappearance of unnecessary governmental structures.

∞ All people in touch with teachings like this one as part of their everyday lives, which brings them in touch with a wisdom that can now become collective and for every member of our civilization as standard as gravity.

∞ Gravity becoming less standard.

∞ The absence of a need for money in order to travel, eat, get/share things, etc.,

∞ Effortless and clean space/time travel, teleportation, and levitation. Both through technology but also the discovery of its possibility through mind/spirit/consciousness.

∞ Healthy societies on all levels.

∞ Beautiful, fun and wise schools where each kid is allowed to be him/herself and develop in ways he/she resonates with, and where teachers are taught teachings like this one on a daily basis until they get it. ( coming soon for this purpose and more)

∞ A beautiful re-union and incredibly benign and beneficial connection with other more advanced civilizations.

∞ A merger of the human race through consciousness: The gradual establishment of group-consciousness/transparency of mind/telepathy among our civilization. Everyone’s experience is available to any other member of the group when it is relevant for them to be aware of it for their own personal journey/experience. This will not feel like an invasion of privacy by that time, since all will have opened their hearts, transformed their minds and their ways of being to a completely guilt-less state of self-awareness, where we become One Being Together and everything will be transparent, while still also maintaining our individuality and our full free will at the same time. This would not be a control-based merger, it would be based on each individual’s free choice to be a part of this group-consciousness and it will be natural. This is why LOVE (recognition of other as ones Self) in all ways is THE lesson of our particular stage of evolution right now.

∞ The absence of the excessive need for meat being mass produced, instead everyone’s body and mind will reflect the change in the collective consciousness by naturally and without force craving less and less meat but also less and less unhealthy, processed foods. Light, vibrant foods will replace the old foods, and all shall be much more harmonious.

∞ Happy neighbours, happy families, happy communities.

∞ Every inventor/being is free to invent according to his or her benign resonance without having to go through layers of approval and controlling layers.

∞ Every corner of our government and its full array of knowledge, will be accessible information for every being in our civilization.

∞ Every being is a free being, both within and without and has the wisdom to be and let be, to love and let love, to enjoy and let joy.

These are just a few changes to mention. Please add your own list of additions in the comment box.

PRACTICE: Start really imagining these alternate realities on a weekly or daily basis. FEEL how it would feel like to live in such a light place on earth, and it will start to inform your actions, your consciousness, your way of being and your overall composure toward life. It will even spark ideas and inventions as to how to contribute to that vision.

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