Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message
April 26 – May 03, 2013
Received by Julie Miller

Your dreams will remain dreams if you don’t allow yourself to fully awaken and go through the necessary steps that would bring those dreams into reality. When you set out to accomplish a specific task dear ones you are not only just getting the job done, you are putting your best efforts into every aspect because you have envisioned a fantastic outcome as a result.

When you set in motion the procedural steps towards achieving personal excellence what you are truly doing dear ones is achieving something no one else has and to grow into the true being that is found and discovered through purposeful self-improvements where you are making your dreams a reality, one step at a time. Your dreams come into accomplished reality when you excel through the targets you have set for yourself, the process to which will bring you to what you have been focusing on in the purest of your intent.

When you are working towards achieving something that is big, you also need to think and envision big. The goals you set for your Self need to be able to propel and encourage you more than any other mundane goals. Any goal that was easy to reach didn’t help you deepen and further develop your skills and talents. When you are working towards achieving something big – your focus that includes your whole self: body, mind, soul and heart will provide you with all the energy and strength to endure all challenges and make your goals and dreams possible.

It is imperative dear ones while working at achieving the goals you have set out for yourself to not become overly attached to their result. As many of you know, attachments hold heavy energy and carry disappointment if tasks and goals are not completed within a certain amount of time or if there were troubling issues that needed sorting out first. Always be prepared for any outcome that may arise with positive enthusiasm and embrace in the spiritual growth you gained during the steps you took towards completion of any goal or task. Nothing is ever thought as a waste by us, and we encourage each of you to develop this positive way of thinking as well. It is too easy to become disheartened when the steps towards accomplishing certain goals become hard and seemingly unreachable. Remain focused, taking one step at a time. Believe in yourself; your whole self and know deep inside your heart that because of all the great love-filled efforts you applied, you will succeed. You will experience an uplift on your own ability to be patient and tolerant with yourself.

Remember dear ones, there is not one single person that is perfect that shares the beautiful Earth you call home. When someone declares themselves as perfect, they are basically telling you they have reached the end of their ability to increase their knowledge, to grow in wisdom from the information they acquired through actual experiences – they are demonstrating someone with a limiting attitude and this dear ones is not how it really is. No one is perfect, as we have said. There is always room to enhance and further develop certain skills into mastery and improve your overall life. We urge each of you to continue cultivating the necessary life skills that will provide a great usefulness on your spiritual journey – welcome any criticism because those words are just those…words and in them are lessons that are presented to you to encourage you to come home to more of your True Self.

Prepare yourself for not always succeeding every adventure at the first try. Many dear souls quit as soon at level of difficulty is raised and the challenge to complete the task at hand becomes a stumbling block. Use that built in determination to persevere and continue at a pace that is good for you; one that is not too fast or too slow, but one that is controllable. This is your journey, it is up to you dear ones to learn through all your trials and errors how to proceed. We have seen so many lose precious Faith when they stumble one too many times. Try to always remember when you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility before you KNOW you are not alone. Share your worries and concerns with others, and with the many spiritual guides that walk with you. Remain grounded and find ways that help maintain your inner balance and peace of mind. Your journey is not meant to be complicated; you have the ability to simplify everything just by changing your thought forms. Don’t worry about where other people are on their journey; their journey is unique from yours. You will reach every outcome when you are meant to, just believe dear ones in your Self and hold on to Faith, she will never let your down.

Your actions are your responsibility. What you say, think, feel, and do is accountable by you. We so often witness other dear souls judging others for their own personal failures, then give credit to those that haven’t quite experienced life. Your failures and our accomplishments are yours. All that you have achieved you did so from hard work and great effort. Yes dear ones all people of all kinds do play an important role in your life. Each person that crosses your path are there for specific reasons related to your spiritual growth and development. Even though they may not be fully aware of their purpose while they are interacting with you, remember all is an opportunity for growth and learning. Through every interaction you will discover the areas you need to work on, and areas that you have excelled in; there is so much for you to explore dear ones and all is for the betterment of your own development.

Try not to sit too long and find yourself procrastinating. Nothing gets done while you sit and just think about it. Yes you need to make progressive plans, but it’s important not to remain in the thinking stage too long. No matter what goals you have in-store for yourself to achieve, you will not greet their completion by remaining stuck in the thinking mode. Your journey is in the NOW dear ones, the more you delay reaching your goals, the farther away you become from reaching them.

Your journey as you are well aware of is filled with many choices. Even when you have decided to make a plan for yourself to reach a certain goal you have a choice to find an easy process or one that requires more depth and possibly take long to complete. Of course it is easy to be swayed to an easier route, but it’s through the path that is filled with more depth and challenges that you gain the most valuable lessons. Every time you choose the harder path you are helping to create and further develop your own personal excellence and this leads into increasing your confidence, self-esteem, and contentment of who you are and what you have accomplished through your love inspired efforts.

When you see yourself targeting to achieve something bigger than materialistic goods and assets, then you begin growing the attitude that the impossible is achievable. We don’t encourage you to chase success, but to steer towards the excellence that is followed by success. Personal and Spiritual growth truly is a habit that has been learned and applied from daily consistent routines. There will come a time when you won’t have to look at a chart or try to remember various steps to what is to come next, you will just know what to do automatically.

Humility is an important aspect to the development of your Self. We still observe many dear souls that truly believe they are above learning and there is nothing that can be added to improve their life. There is always room dear ones no matter what you have gleaned from all the cleverly written books you have read. When you truly believe there is more for you to learn, even from the smallest of pebble to the tiniest microorganism you will enable yourself to grow in all ways spiritually that will affect your life personally. Every day you change, nothing remains exactly as it was, there is always a difference and through each difference there is the potential to learn and to become more of your true self each and every day.

Being optimistic about your journey is necessary as it keeps open positive lines of communication and your ability to send and receive light and love energy from God. But when your optimistic nature becomes too much, your necessary and critical thinking process becomes disturbed. When your optimism becomes extreme in your thinking patterns you will discover it impossible to recognize any amount of negativity that came from certain thoughts and ideas and it is necessary dear ones for you to be able to be aware of your thoughts when they change.

It’s important dear ones to have a focus on this journey and remain steady on the goals you have set out for your Self. There are many distractions only too willing to derail you and affect your ability of successfully reaching your goals. Even if your goal takes long for you to reach, never give up on the dream of fulfilling this goal. Each step is one step closer; Hope is always there with you, encouraging you to continue a little more. We already know how strong you are, it is up to you to believe this as truth.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller


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