Galactic Command Centre Information Update April 26, 2013

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Hello everyone!

For those of you who joined our first public teleconference meeting on Wednesday evening, April 24 we apologize for the interference that was experienced near the end of the meeting. A couple of people in our group who were at the meeting locally picked up that there was EMF interference. Also Lucy channeled Lord Marius and he was asked about this interference and what Marius stated was that the bad boys were creating this EMF interference. As a result we will be putting up some shields for the next teleconference. Since some of you were not able to ask your question(s) because of that EMF interference please send the question via the Contact link on the web site and we will see if we can get an answer for you.

The recording of the teleconference is now ready for you to listen to. Here is the link to get to the recording. You will also need the conference code: 829838

Channeling by Anakhanda

The following channelling was going to be presented live on the teleconference however since Anakhanda lives in California the EMF interference did not allow him to read the channelling at that time so here it is for all to read and enjoy. Note, I have highlighted in bold a very important part of this channelling that will help us all to manifest these command centres worldwide.

Greetings From Planet Mushaba,

I greet you this day from the Planet Mushaba in the Pleiades star system of the 7 sisters. I come at the behest of Bob asking for a message to share with tonight’s audience for the Galactic command center. I am happy to be here along with Altros and Hatonn.

What I wish to say to all of you today who felt the call and joined in with today’s grouping of individuals worldwide, is that you have been asked on a spiritual level to be here today so that you can add your powerful energies of manifesting to the appearance of the Command Centre here in Santa Fe, N. M.   We ask that those of you who have such an intense desire to have a command centre, whether its a major centre or a sub centre, we ask that you be patient, for once the first centre to be broadcast on earth is in completion, the doors open for all of the other centres to make their entry into your world. As has been stated in previous messages, the structures are energetically in place and the crystalline structure will make its appearance as soon as you of earth make it so by your intensity of manifesting and allowing the process to meet its goal. There is no time frame. it is an energetic decision made by all of you of earth. Impatience will only stifle the centre’s appearance. We ask that you all world wide, have your intensity of light and love toward the command centre here in NM first, for too many split focuses will only slow down the process. If all of you worldwide shift your focus to Santa Fe it will expedite the process of arrival and then other centres will be ready to come into being in other places, some of them being simultaneous.

It has been deemed by Creator the first centre be in Santa Fe because of reasons that will become very obvious as this centre begins to come into fruition. It is a special place prepared a very long, long time ago as you know time, to be the pristine place that would house this centre. The surrounding energetics have been in place through the burying of many Jewels and Crystals by many civilizations throughout the universe. There have been special rocks that carry particular energies that will blend with the perfection of the nature and fairy kingdoms in the area. They too have been a part of this agreement for the centre to be housed in this place, for it cannot happen without their magical involvement as well.

I ask that all of you be aware of your potency of power in your thoughts. Thoughts are things, thoughts are living breathing entities that come to life by your ability and power to make them so! Instead of wondering how long and when, you decide how long and when because it is up to you not us!

We are ready when you are! Along with this centre and the others worldwide will come a change in the earth’s atmosphere. A change in the earth’s Nature and Animal kingdoms and all of the kingdoms [will occur]. You will see changes within your own human body for the frequencies that it brings will be so 5th dimensional in depth that it will assist in a strong way to lift you up higher into the 5th dimensional energies. There will be marvels to behold, there will be long awaited family reunions. There will be visitations from various beings that have been to earth before, but that have never personally appeared in other civilizations throughout the universe. There will be a united joining of all of the great religious leaders of your history even though we know that they never were religious leaders. You will see Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and many others all joined in oneness to show the earth people that there never has been a separation between them.

So in closing, I say that as you tune into the centres, you will begin to feel a vibration within you. You will begin to hear subtle sounds, and see subtle colours. You will be energetically connecting with the centre. This will lead to many wonderful growths and experiences. Your life is in the throes of great and magnificent change! Embrace it and live it. We thank you and honour you as who you are and what you are!

I am Mushaba

united with my brothers, Altros and Hatonn

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