Spring Cleaning: Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go – by Jacqui Carroll

The Burden Spring Cleaning:  Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go   by Jacqui Carroll

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to clear out and clean up their physical and energetic environment. Right now, spring energy is upon us where I live and we can open the windows and doors wide and breath the fragrant scent of moist earth and new growth. It is intoxicating. The sun shines into our home after being in shadow for a season. The  fresh air and brilliant light invigorates  and stimulate energies that have lain dormant during the winter months. The landscape vibrates with the sparkling  green aura of  tree branches, a soft carpet covers Mother Earth, and delicate tiny flowers of orchid and yellow speak to us as if to say, ” We are back to celebrate Life once again”. We can’t help but be  inspired to emulate her beauty in our home.

Look inside your home. Some things that once seemed useful, even necessary, may no longer have a place in your life. Get a bag and begin cleaning a room of  the things you find there. After a while you may begin to ask yourself, “Why am I still carrying this around?  I have no use for it anymore.”  Take stock of what things are really important to make your life comfortable and fulfilling, and what does not serve you any longer.

With each release of another piece of the old, you will begin feeling lighter and realize that a good spring cleaning of your environment is a metaphor for letting go of old thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

Envision yourself with a large basket in front of you filled with your negative emotions. What is there? Anger, hurt, fear? Are they serving you? What is the payoff for holding on to them?  The ego says, “Yes, I’m angry, look at the people in the world. I always have to fight to get what is mine. I need to be in conflict with someone or something to feel alive. When I am fighting, I feel energized!”  The ego says, “Yes, I am hurt, he or she is to blame for my problems, they didn’t do what I expected them to do. Yes I’m hurt, and it is all their fault, I have no responsibility here.”  The ego says,”Yes, I am afraid, nothing is working out in my life as I planned, and the world is in chaos and I might lose my whole identity, my very life! Who wouldn’t be afraid? I must survive at all costs.”

Really observe these emotions. Take a deep breath of Love into your whole being, then look again at the emotions that are controlling  your life, holding you in a self-imposed prison. Let the Love in your heart  break down the fear, pain, anger and whatever else may be there.  With your basket full of shards of suffering and struggle and pain, walk out on a beautiful beach and set your basket brimming with the old rubble that no longer serves you into to tide. Step back and watch as the tide takes the basket further and further away with each ebb  and flow. Say goodbye to your past, say goodbye to the suffering, the struggle the ego so dearly needed to feel important.

You are now an empty vessel  made of Love, clean and pure. Begin to fill that space with the Energy that created the world. You have created a safe and loving field where your dreams and imagining can come alive and flourish. The dreams you have held in the back of your mind, the dreams you were told were not practical, did not fit in  to the “norm,” now spring forth clothed in Love, ready to manifest  as the reborn you… the compassionate you, the confident you, the you that vibrates the energy of Love in every circumstance.  There are no limits to what you can create when you resolve to let your past painful stories fade away and trust the Love that created you in its own Image. It is everywhere around and in you at all times –  acknowledge that it is here. Trust Love enough to accept it, let Love guide you in every decision you make,  and then you will know inner peace,  boundless joy and the freedom to live your life to the fullest .    Namaste’

lotusgirl Spring Cleaning:  Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go   by Jacqui Carroll

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