Metatron ~ Trust in the Simplicity of Connection and Energy


Metatron asks us today to trust in the simplicity of connection and energy. He asks that we look not to find that which is outside of ourselves but to know and connect to that which is already within us.

How do I connect? you may ask. It is very simple. Just “Know”. Just “trust and just allow the energy to flow within and around you. Belief, trust and surrendering are very powerful keys to the energy and connections with Metatron and his omnipresent, magnificent light.

It is a little like this, and we may have covered this before:

You want to receive something or you want to find something so you go and buy it or search for it and are a little dismayed when you cannot have it or the last one has gone off the shelf. But when you find it and you have it in your hand you are uplifted and you feel wonderful!

The ascension journey is not like this…it differs in that you are not searching for something that you will get in a material sense. It is not even altogether brought to you in a physical sense. What is brought to you so divinely as you trust, surrender, open, expand and believe, is a new way of being and a new level of consciousness through energetic coding and uplifting vibrations.

Many who are embarking on their ascension path feel that it is necessary to search and find the latest channellings or the latest gadgets or rituals. What Metatron teaches us so divinely is that we do not need to search – for it is already held within us.

Our Ascension coding if you like, is already within our DNA. It just requires the light to switch it on. Like a light bulb being turned on for the very first time. A light is shone and the journey begins.

Humans are very limited and very conditioned in the way that some believe the 3D way is the only way that there is. We need to feel, sense, have, hold, own, control. Oh such is the way of the separated consciousness.

To feel that we have to be in control and know exactly what is happening in our lives at any given second. There is great beauty in surrendering to this, just one of the controls of the 3D age of separation.

The moment, and we repeat, the moment you allow yourself to look at the possibility of something far greater, something far greater than we could ever imagine, something outside of what we can see but is very much there, then the reality, connection, sensing, feeling, uplifting and ascending truly begins.

Fear not the process of coming out of the self. For if you were already so pure there would be no need to ascend, but it is not about purity in so much so it is about your realisation that in order to lift up and out, you need to lighten your burden and the majority of this comes from how you feel about yourself, how you feel about you.

So we bring to you the coding of forgiveness and great harmonious balance within your self.

“En – Tora – mas – Amora”… thyself to the love within and allow the love to expand so wide that you have no boundaries set within….expansion, love, surrendering, opening, to your divine expansion, release and transformation.

Words can only reach so far. As words are limited. Energy is bountiful and never ending, no limitations. So feel the energy within yourself. Feel the great expansion arising, know that each and every one of you divine souls is able to connect and ascend in this lifetime. It is open to you. Feel the expansion, feel the great love that pours to you.

For it is not within the words, but the vibration that comes from the sounding of the words….words limit our ability sometimes to feel…so feel the energy…feel the vibration…it is open to all”.

En – Tora – mass -Amora….

(Tammy Majchrzak 11th April 2013)

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