Move into your heart ~ Emmanuel Dagher – April 10, 2013

If we find ourselves feeling like things are just not working out, or we’re being met with a lot of energetic resistance, here are two powerful things we can do to shift out of this & back into ease, joy, & more desired blessings.

The first thing we can do is check to see where in our lives we are holding back from being our truest most authentic self. When we’re not being fully authentic with ourselves & those around us, we end up going against our true nature which ultimately means we’re going against the Universe.

The second thing we can do is to find an opportunity to be of service by volunteering our time & gifts to a person, community or cause we believe in. This helps us move out of the head where one can tend to be quite self-involved/distracted & into our hearts where we realize that it’s all about the One.

We are all in this together!


Artwork by: Bernice Camlin

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Posted in Health and Wellness, New Earth Consciousness

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