April 2013 Morning Messages: Host Of Light

We are here, to offer our continued support as well as continued encouragement. We are aware that many are feeling some form of disappointment and feeling a bit let down after the intense energies of the galactic alignments and infusion of light. We are aware that there were high expectation for change and from all outward appearances, those phenomenal changes you were expecting are not visible or apparent. We invite you to remember you are in the dense frequency and vibration of physical reality.

We remind you, whatever you have held, envisioned, called forth and anchored in the energy field of the subtle realms takes “time” to filter into this dense plane. It has always been so. We will assure you that the manifestations of what you have anchored and called forth are truly manifesting more quickly than in your past. Yet we are aware that the chaos and violence continues to be an aspect of your reality.

For those like yourself that know and remember a far better reality this is disheartening.
However let us assure you, from our perspective there have been tremendous shifts and subtle changes because of you and your continued dedication. Remember dear ones you are here for this transformation of consciousness.

This is a waking up, so to speak, and we encourage you to hold strong in your knowing that your conscious actions are making a difference. And even in the midst of all that is challenging you will discover the clearing of misqualified energies and actions.

Watch for the powerful changes of old templates that are shifting. Rituals that have been in place for hundreds of years within religious structures have been discarded. There are changes of leadership within these major religions as well as changes of world leaders. Realize and recognize that you can also cast your energetic vote for these new leaders.

In fact it is important that you do so. You are not powerless. When you declare that you are fully embodied, anchored to this planet and connected to your divine source and guidance you are powerful beyond measure.

You can gather with other multidimensional beings in the quantum field of energy and manifestation and cast your votes and envision your clear intentions as a collective. This is truly how you will invite the changes that you hold in your heart. You will continue to anchor the energies of a life sustaining future. Do not be discouraged.

Here we are continuing to encourage you to do this service for the collective and we sense that many have actually been in a state of inner retreat. You have been assimilating and integrating the intense energetic frequencies offered during the galactic shift. You are cocooning as your physical body is recalibrated.

Be kind to yourself as old cellular memories are releasing. There are tremendous changes taking place within, nothing is truly the same, your physical body is transforming. This awesome transformation does not take place quickly, it is offered in simple stages.

Each individual is unique as to how these changes are felt, experienced and integrated. Imagine that your physical body is vibrating at a slow vibration which keeps it solid in appearance and gradually that vibration is being stepped up in frequency. Each physical cell is taking on more light, becoming less and less dense.

From our observation this evolution is happening smoothly and rather quickly. We realize however it might not seem like that for you. Remember you are the earth crew; you are here to anchor this light of consciousness. You are here to interface with both the non-physical and physical reality, toggling back and forth. Your physical form is the landing station for the conscious aspect of your multidimensional self.

We realize that your physical reality has a way of attracting your attention. We acknowledge that for the well-being of your physical unit, care and maintenance are most important; however, remember that is only one aspect of who you are.

You are a part of the paradigm shift. You are a master of transformation. You are anchoring a new form, a new reality. You are heart centered, connected to all beings of light who are supporting this planet and this system to evolve. You are an active part in this revolution of consciousness. You are anchoring the ascension process for the collective. Never doubt that.

You are a transmitter of light. You are a representative or ambassador of light consciousness. Each shift you make within brings results to the collective. We invite you to remember to connect with your future self. Imagine sitting together with this aspect, having a conversation, asking for guidance, for clarity of action. Trust us, this is a real possibility. Practice, pretend, invite and allow this to unfold.

Recognize that every experience, actually every moment, is encoded with the energies of your power and true potential. These opportunities and potentials are available and will support and transport you along the timelines connecting you with your future self. Play with this concept.

We invite you to remember to feed your physical form with more and more light. Envision divine light steaming into your body, anchor and gift this light energy to the planet. Continue to acknowledge yourself for who you truly are as a creator of realities.
Continue to be loving, heart centered and playful for those are the qualities that invite the awesome new realties to become manifest.

Use the energies that are always being offered by the celestials in your sky. They have been supporting this evolution of consciousness on this planet since the dawn of human quickening. Honor the turning of your seasons; celebrate the luminaries that continue to guide you in subtle awakening. Honor this physical reality and anchor all the gifts that are offered by the realms of love, light and truth.

Remember that you are witnessed and acknowledged for who you are and the work and service you continue to offer as a member of the Host of Light. We are honored and   grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Please call upon us or other divine beings for support or assistance. You call will always be answered. You are not alone in the work.
the ‘team’

©2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address: http://www.morningmessages.com

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