Prepare for a super-charged full moon on March 27!


The Astro-Numerology for this event is more powerful than usual – and will feel significantly stronger as a result.

Take a look at the lineup:

The Sun is in Aries and in conjunction with (right next to) three other planets – Mars, Venus and Uranus. All four planets lie opposite the full moon. Amazingly, EVERY planet is in a close relationship with this full moon! What makes this occasion even more striking is the degree the Moon is at – 6 degrees Libra.

2013 is a 6 Universal Year. 6 is in the emotional 3-6-9 “Feeling and Self Expression” triad. March, 2013 is a 9 Universal Month and the 27th of March a 9 Universal Day and a 9 Universal Date. What we have here is a super-charged emotional moment. As you know, your emotional state is always affected by any Full Moon. When the full moon is in Libra, balance and relationships are emphasized. The Sun in Aries brings action and forward movement to the table.

Adding to the mix is Pluto which is “squaring” the Full Moon and four planets in Aries, creating a confronting ‘T-Square’. In other words, this full moon is triggering the square between Uranus and Pluto that has been ongoing since last year and will continue into 2015.

Any stubbornness or rigidity will need to be confronted. So breathe, exercise, meditate – stay calm and balanced. Feel supported by Libra’s balance, wisdom and truth. Here is the other really stunning news. Remember in my special Winter Solstice 12.21.2012 video I showed you how a “Yod” or “Finger of God” was pointing to Jupiter on that day? Well, the very same “Finger of God” is pointing to Jupiter again! All the same planets are involved – Pluto and Saturn form the base and Jupiter at the pointer position.

This means you will be feeling an expansion of consciousness with restriction and purging at the same time. Talk about intense energy! Confront power and control issues. Anything that is limiting you in a negative way is being addressed and released now. Remember we are in a 9 Universal Month – 9 is the number of release, culminations and endings. Don’t resist change. Trust the process and your life experiences. This Libra Full Moon will enable you to balance your life – after intense release. Open up your heart and receive.

Gifts of Abundance are yours to create and claim. They appear after you purge of old, past patterns. Gifts arrive when there is an opening in your life to receive. Allow abundance in.

~ Tania Gabrielle

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