March 27, 2013 – Happy FULL MOON of the Revolution from Within!


This FULL MOON, is very near the TRIPLE CONJUNCTION of URANUS, SUN, and VENUS! The TRIPLE CONJUNCTION takes place tomorrow. Today, The MOON is freshly touched by an OPPOSITION pre-dawn, with each of the three Celebrant Energies in the Triple Conjunction.

This kind of energy alchemy that moves through us in this window of a few days or so, will be the expression of an inner revolution that is emerging from within us, that is just beginning “to change us forever,” in ways we will love. This change can be shocking, radical, extreme or invisible and subtle to others but highly noticeable to us because it may be the lense through which we see the world that changes radically.

We may feel strange as we arise into this day having lived through these radical internal oppositions. We are balancing a lot of different forces, making changes to refine this balancing act. MOON TRINE JUPITER at 9:50 am lifts us up with a communicative kiss from the expander. We have good luck this morning, which we may need to call on today, as we confront our deep issues of money, sex, and how we manage those things in our life. The MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 10:27 am, is a corner of responsible money choice action point. We are channels for our own power. We harness this power and energy to generate some form of money so we can survive in this world, meanwhile forces from within are calling us to do things differently and we “don’t necessarily know how to get any end result we may wish for, and yet we must aim for these eventual outcomes that we dream, in some way, even if it seems impossible. Impossible dreams become more possible when we do the actual groundwork.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS at 11:14 am, is an electric shock of awareness, action, or fulfillment. MOON goes into the VOID after this, for the rest of the day, between Libra and Scorpio, as we receive internal cries for revolution and make decisions about how to implement them.

The MOON will continue in the VOID, into tomorrow, through the TRIPLE CONJUNCTION occurring tomorrow morning between 10:05 am, pdt and 5:38 pm, pdt. MOON lands in power Scorpio just after the VOID of VENUS, SUN, URANUS mating with each other’s energies. This merge will birth something new from within. This mystery is the beauty of being alive, in a body that vessels these changing energies. We are pregnant.

May we nurse our mystery with tenderness, releasing frustration about circumstances, laying groundwork for unseen structures to build upon, in a future we can feel inside. If we can not yet feel this new inner birth stirring, its time to go within and listen.

~ Starweather via Azlan White

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