KP Message… “Moving to our ‘Stations of Light'”

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111213_kauilapele_aspen_mission_dscf0755_10_3[Kp note: as I wrote the “communication” below, my eyes went way out of focus. That to me is a sign that “the Galactics” are sending me a message (and, yes, I suppose you could call it a “channeling”, but I was completely aware of what was being written and was in control of my BEingness at all times).]

There have been a few GaiaPortals recently that spoke about “Stations of Light” (here, and here). I’ve got a sense that’s what a lot of us are going through right now… Moving to our “Stations of Light”. I am sure that this rakes a different form for everyone, but it’s kind of what I feel is going on in my own path right now.

So I’ve got a “communication” to write about these things… “Stations of Light”.

These “Stations of Light” are rather new. At least the concept…

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