Mother Mary’s Message: The Days To Come – through James Gilliland

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

james_gilliland11I have been at the side of this one delivering this message since birth. He has died twice in this incarnation and I was there both times to revive him. There was a reason. There are a few people on Earth who are known as the incorruptibles. Though he has had many challenges each time he has gained the wisdom from the experience and continued onward to serve with the highest intent. This is why I have chosen him and others like him to deliver my message. Humanity and the Earth; which is a reflection of Humanity have become extremely imbalanced. There was a time the divine feminine was honored; it took the lead, as it should in governing the affairs of Earth. The feminine by nature is subjective; it is loving, nurturing, family and security oriented. Family does not just mean relatives it encompasses all life. It is best…

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