Your Transformation is Becoming Increasingly Clear


Ashtar Speaks through Philipp

Your Transformation is Becoming Increasingly Clear


We enjoy speaking to you again. We know how you feel in this Now moment where the Energies of the March Equinox are so powerful – they are now increasingly high, though they will lessen after the March Equinox. Instead of looking for changes on the outside, look upon the beautiful transformations which the Energies will cause inside you – many of you will feel the same.

We are closer to you than ever, and are full of joyful anticipation of our reunion. We protect you and help you. Your human collective is going through a very intensive phase of transformation at present, and you can best observe this process if you go inside, as we have told you many times.

Look in your mirror – see where you were some months ago and compare this to your current position. Do you see the changes that you have accomplished? Do you see how enlightened you are? Consequently, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find that you no longer enjoy certain activities, foods or beverages that pleased you in the past.

It is a natural process – the more Light you absorb, the less interest you have in things, activities, food or drinks which are not of the Light. If you experience problems with this, call upon us for help and ask for a cleansing and detoxification of your bodies. You can achieve this in several ways. You can ask us to bring you on board one of our healing ships during your sleep time. You can work with the Violet Flame of our beloved Brother St Germaine or you can ask Archangel Raphael to work on you with his Green Beam of Healing Light. Ask and we all are eager to help you.

The transformation of your bodies can cause temporary inconveniences, but accept this with gratitude. By doing so, you will ease the process and ensure that the transformation completes as smoothly as possible. Each and every human being is going through this transformation process, and the more you accept and welcome this change with an open heart, the easier and faster you will reach the finishing line.

We know that we repeat ourselves. You may ask why there is not more tangible proof of this transformation. Well, it is a lengthy process which will continue for quite some time. In most instances an overnight transformation won’t take place because this would be too stressful for your bodies, so rest assured and trust that the process will occur in the manner that is best for you.

We are all involved in this transformation, and we, your Star brothers and sisters, help you with our healing knowledge. In your dreamtime you come aboard our ships and we support your transformation process with our Light and Sound healing technologies. When you wake up in the morning you may feel energized, or you may be exhausted as if you have worked all night long. However, both feelings will be a clear sign that we have worked with you.

From now on you will recognise more and more tangible evidence in your outside world clearly indicating that the transformation process is going full steam ahead.

All over the world Governments are changing, and people are protesting against unfair living conditions. Cyprus is a very good example of how humanity will no longer tolerate the continuation of the old energy patterns.

To steal money from those who have suffered enough under the old energy is no longer acceptable. Humanity is rebelling against this, and is seeking solutions which are in line with the new transformative energies. These solutions are known and are ready to be implemented.

Watch the developments in Cyprus and see how much of your world has already changed. Only a few months ago, would you have believed that a small country with little impact on world politics could cause such a massive global effect? The whole world is now watching Cyprus with amazement at how the people there are rebelling and the effect that it is having.

As we have told you, the basis for all prosperity programs is set by you implementing the necessary changes and being unwilling to continue accepting the status quo. This is how this transformation process works – step by step, gathering pace, and becoming more clearly visible to the outside world.

If you only knew how dearly loved you are! We are by your side, every second of your day.
We love you so much because you are our Family.

In Love,

Your Brother Ashtar


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