We Hear you, we Feel you, We are One with you … always.


We feel your need to know more. To feel more. To see us. To be with us. We say to you that we are with you. We hear you. We feel you. We are one with you. In moments of disparity, when you feel we have deserted you, know this is when we are closest with you. For your thoughts create energy. Time and time again we mention this to you. Believe we are with you and see You and answer you, but not from the same dimension you ask from. We connect with you at a higher vibration. The more positive your vibration the more perceptive you will be to receive. To feel. To align in the one source vibration. So in the moments you are despairing and feel all connection is lost, take a breath in. Interrupt your low resonance and fear with a pause, a breath, a sigh. Stop for a moment and know that as you pause you create a place within yourself that releases you and connects you to the higher resonance. We are always with you. Your part is to lift up and out from the lower vibration and to feel the light within you. For when you are free from thought we connect with you so easily. Through the breath you take. The space you create, opens you up to a new moment and in that new moment you feel the freedom of knowing we are one. There is no disconnection, only that which you create for yourself. So just be…. Knowing we are one and we are with you always. Perhaps in quiet times when you feel we are not there we are but asking you to stand in your light, empowered and with the great eternal knowing that we are all connected. We bring you back to unified conscious. the great awakening.

(Tammy Majchrzak 21st March 2013).

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Posted in Angelic Messages, Ascension, Channelled messages, New Earth Consciousness

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