Spring has Sprung ~ Jack, the Watcher


Spring has Sprung

February marked the one year anniversary of my first post.   It has been an incredible year and I know that for many of you, Jean included, that you expected to see more tangible change in the world.   From my vantage point, I can see change taking place but it will take time for the benefits to come into view.  Imagine a boulder being dropped into the middle of the ocean; it would take time for the ripples to reach the shore.  This is analogous to what is occurring now.  A boulder was dropped into the middle of the ocean and we are now waiting for the effects of that event to reach us.  We know it was dropped, we heard it drop, we watched it drop and now we must wait.  Patience and Trust is what we must cultivate now.  In the meantime, do not stop working, do not stop believing, do not stop knowing that all the work we have done has and will continue to have, a positive effect on this planet and beyond.  As humanity awakens, adding energy to Ascension, the pace will quicken at which all of humanity can realize tangible change and tangible change is just around the corner!

It is also important to note that many humans continue to hammer away at the dense energies from many angles and this too is feeding the energy of Ascension.  Once the elevation in energy reaches critical mass, the frequency will begin to feed upon itself and become self-perpetuating.  Right now we are pushing against the current to create a flow in the opposite direction away from our current 3-D energy.  Once enough energy is built up behind us, it will begin to flow in a new direction with little effort.  But for now, we must keep pushing.   With this in mind, as we all want the energy to flow away from what we have been experiencing, it really goes without saying that positive thoughts, actions, words, and emotions will add fuel to the direction we all want to move towards.  Do your best to refrain from adding negative energy to an already negative situation and instead focus the energy of Love, Peace, and Joy to negative circumstances and this will assist in elevating undesirable situations.  Your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are things that you have control over and if you need assistance in silencing the negative voice in your head then I suggest you revisit and work with the energy of the Rainbow Ray (The Rhinoceros and the Rainbow Ray).

You may also want to re-read Too-Lah’s message about releasing the Cords of Duality to further assist you in cleansing your ego.

Remember, the ego is what keeps you anchored in fear but it also your key to Universal Wisdom.

As of the new moon in January 2013, the final convergence of energies forged a new foundation of the Earth.  One built on a higher frequency and all that is lying on top that is not in alignment with the new foundation will begin to topple.  This is causing timelines to collapse at a fevered pace which I will discuss further in this message.

After the full moon on March 25, 2013 the Earth will enter a new era, one borne out of the energies that have been stewing since they were introduced in layers over the last centuries.   Come the vernal equinox, there will be a palpable change in the Earth’s frequency that many of you will notice not only in your environment but your being as well.  Since 12/12/12, humanity has been bombarded by energy frequency “updates” and this produced many physical symptoms such as sudden powerful fatigue, emotional ups and downs, and transient deep physical pain.  These are the physical manifestations of releasing old and deeply embedded energy.   Happily, these experiences will ease after the full moon.  Physical and emotional symptoms will not completely subside but they will become more tolerable and last for shorter durations as the energies begin to stabilize and you adjust to the higher frequencies.

My soul purpose, as well as Jean’s, extends to the Earth and energies inherent here as well as the evolution of Energies being brought here by benevolent other worldly beings.  We have been working to defeat the dark energies that have been in place here since a time before last and our focus is mainly the re-balance of energy and power which has now begun to take hold and a shift is underway.  Our ultimate mission is to offer healing energy and the information is solely for your edification and meant to keep you with our words while the embedded energy matrix has enough time to enter your being.   I will now discuss timelines as they are collapsing all around us and this is the reason for the delay in my message.

Think of a timeline as a railroad track.  As you travel along your present track, you may find it suddenly ends. ( Jean describes this as “getting the rug ripped out from underneath me,” or ” having my snow globe shaken”.)  Fear is the most natural reaction to this situation as your ego searches to fill in the time void as you are moved to another track.  I find this very interesting as change is what you have asked for but change is not only feared but frequently dreaded.

In order to move to another track you must first experience a change in consciousness and frequency.  This elevation in frequency is most likely triggered by your intention for healing supported and encouraged by the energies now being released into the Earth.  I encourage you to view change, which is a collapse in your present time line, as validation that your desires are not only being heard but are manifesting before your eyes.  Change is an improvement in your situation and not a punishment or something to be viewed as “negative”.  Cultivate Trust that your current situation of change will ultimately benefit you in far greater ways than you can imagine now.  Stifle your ego’s negative voice by choosing to embrace change with Joyful Anticipation knowing that something far better is around the bend.

Even if you felt you were being guided in a specific direction and suddenly the door slams shut, be grateful and do not try to put back the pieces.  This means that a timeline has collapsed as is was no longer serving your best interest.  Sudden change can be startling but this is when you must cultivate Trust as the energy of the old is no longer relevant to the New You that you have been working to cultivate.  Interpreting change as “bad” is simply a manifestation of your ego.  Change is quickly followed by a release of energy that is no longer in alignment with the energy brought into being.  One may feel “lost” during this time but be patient as this is when something better is being created and brought into being.   We are moving into a time when we truly will be able to co-create our future seamlessly and effortlessly but for now we must cultivate Trust that the higher realm is guiding us towards a beneficial reality.

Most often when change does occur, it is frequently viewed in hindsight as something that was necessary in order to bring into creation something that you have asked for or needed to be aligned with in order to create the best possible path for you to follow.  On a whole, we are all elevating and the old must be left behind in order to grasp the higher frequencies and embrace the new and more beneficial track.  In short, if a door closes, quiet your ego and know that something better is coming as opposed to the sense of fear that traditionally is coupled with change.  You can add fuel to the change by feeding it with Gratitude and Joyful Anticipation.  Remember that our thoughts are manifesting much more quickly than even a few months ago and as you are learning to move away from the Status Quo, adding positive thoughts, emotions, words, and actions to a current situation of change will help bring about a desired conclusion.

Time lines are crashing weekly and sometimes even daily. What this means is reaching your full potential is now becoming a reality.  As you continue to work to heal yourselves, you will jump from your present track to another.  When this happens, your future becomes brighter and more fluid as you begin to align more completely with your purpose and the elevated energies now available.  This becomes evident when all that you thought was coming to fruition suddenly melts away and you quickly realize you have moved passed that path and have jumped to another time line which is in closer alignment with your Truth.

You can easily identify when a timeline has collapsed as it is marked by an end to a current situation or a physical transformation.  A relationship ends, employment is lost, or you experience illness or some kind of physical trauma.  Illness and physical trauma are often viewed as weakness but this can be a very effective way for the body to expel old worn out energy.  The “Flu” is nothing less than a transformative event.  The body aches as it struggles to release deeply embedded energy as it is being rewritten from the molecular level, while the accompanying fever burns off deep seated anger, fear and karmic energy.  All epidemics of disease preceded a revolution in human consciousness and facilitated the release of worn out energy.  The Flu epidemic in the early 1900’s released a tremendous amount of old energy, allowing humanity to move forward in the Ascension process adding fuel to the industrial revolution.  The energy and the innovations that were born from it would be needed during WWII supplying the Allies with the capability, knowledge and fortitude necessary to defeat the darkness that would strike from multiple sides during this time.

I want to also mention that for many of those who participated in Group Healing One, it has taken until now to completely integrate and release the energy of Betrayal thereby allowing Trust to enter into your being.  One cannot move into their true Light and embrace the future without the energy of Trust.  If you had had a recent question of Faith, experienced a Betrayal or both than understand that this may have been the final extinction of these energies, allowing you to move to a new and better track.  One built on a firm foundation of Trust which will carry you into a well-deserved future.

I will now speak more of the Encodements of Hypocrisy.

At this time, invite the Black Ray into your being to release the Encodements of Hypocrisy.


This energy emanates from the black hole in the center of the galaxy and will heal you at the core of your being.

The way this energy works is analogous to the boulder being dropped in the center of the ocean that I mentioned in the beginning of this message.  It will rewrite your essence from the inside out and it will take some time for the growth to be realized.  This is by far the most “potent” energy that we have introduced and the healing will reverberate throughout your entire being and environment. It will take time for the energy to fully permeate your entire being so I caution you to cultivate patience.  Do not keep digging in the soil to see if the seed is sprouting, just continue to water it, provide it with sunshine and allow it to sprout on its own.

The Encodements of Hypocrisy are just one of the energies that prevent you from realizing everything that you know is available to you.  Too-Lah, Jean and I have been offering healing energies since our inception as it is your independence that is our ultimate goal.  As you work to free yourselves, you will continue to unlock the shackles that keep all of Earth’s children grounded.  Ultimately it is the integration and activation of the Light Body that you are all striving for.  Once the Light Body is completely integrated,   your ego will be completely cleansed, you will be in alignment with your Truth, Divine Will is fully engaged and you are free of obstacles that prevent you from realizing your full potential.

One Encodement that has bothered many of you as well as Jean is “I will be unable to have reverence for all life.” And the subset is “Please don’t make me eat animals.”  During Group Healing One we were able to release the energy of Betrayal connected to having Reverence for All Life yet needing to consume life in order to survive.

As there was important information and healing to discuss in my last message I was unable to comment fully on this subject and as you will see, it is quite complex and needed its own forum.

Let me begin by explaining that while humanity was evolving, food sources were quite diversified and abundant for some and quite limited for others.   Those humans residing in lower latitudes (closer to the equator), sustained themselves on both abundant animal and plant sources.  In addition, they had little or no interruption in the food supply. Those living in higher latitudes  (closer to the poles)  sustained themselves on a diet derived mostly from animal/protein sources and had a sporadic food supply.  Your lineage is recorded in your DNA and cannot be easily denied or overcome.  Just as you cannot expect a car, which is designed to run on gasoline, to  function efficiently by placing water in the gasoline tank, without some modifications being made to the vehicle.

If you trace your lineage back to one that survived mostly on animal sources, your body at this point,  would not be easily sated by eating a strictly plant based diet. That is not to say that it is impossible but it is difficult.  One tell-tale sign that your lineage comes from a higher latitude lineage would be that you inexplicably gain weight over the winter, have difficulty losing weight and can sustain yourself on little food.  Your body is programmed to easily and efficiently extract the vitamins A,E,D, and K as well as macro-nutrients and the life force gained from a protein/ animal fat source.  You are programmed to conserve calories during the winter as food was not consistent and when you did eat, your body learned to store the calories as it was uncertain as to when you would eat again.  The fear of scarcity is programmed within your DNA and now this may relate to money but it stems from not knowing where or when you would be getting your next meal.

If your lineage can be traced back to the lower latitudes you easily lose weight and can eat as much as you want and don’t have to concern yourself with “watching” your weight. This is because food was consistently abundant and your body never needed to hoard calories by storing fat for reserve. These beings can easily eat a plant based diet as their bodies have been programmed to extract vitamins, trace elements and life force from a diversified diet.  Chances are too, that money is not a concern for you as engrained within your DNA is a consistent flow of resources.   Understand that these examples are an overview and some of you may have characteristics of both groups.

Almost all beings that fall under the Kingdom of Animal must create fuel from the surrendered  life force of another, be that animal, plant or a combination of the two.  The Mineral Kingdom is the only Kingdom, at this point, that has self-perpetuating energy. In summary, it’s not about the source but more about how your body is programmed to efficiently  extract nutrients from the food that you eat.   Beings that fall under the Animal Kingdom must derive their fuel from a source that once had a life force energy.

Consuming something that was once alive is a lower evolved way of extracting needed fuel and as you evolve, this will become less necessary as the fuel source will eventually be derived from pure energy.  For now, your bodies derive energy from the calories that comes from the food that you consume whether that is plant, animal or a combination of the two.

Certain factions of society deem it “undesirable” to eat animal protein and in some respects it is undesirable but that extends mostly to how the animals are treated and I will get to that in a minute.   Some humans can easily omit animal protein from their diet and those were the people that benefited from the release of “Please don’t make me eat animals” during Group Healing One.  It gave them permission to release the guilt and shame that was no longer in alignment with their being.  Those who felt they were they were in some way betraying themselves or the animals they consumed, were freed from that energy.

Society has programmed humanity to feel that it is necessary to eat meat while other factions preach that if you want to Ascend you must eat a high vibrating diet free of animal protein.  Therein lays the hypocrisy. You are led to believe that if you want to ascend to a higher level you must forgo consuming flesh but your body is preprogrammed to efficiently extract fuel from animal protein which is necessary to maintain health.  The bottom line is, do what you feel you must without guilt, shame or fear of condemnation.  However, whatever you consume, do so with Reverence and Gratitude.

In order to feed the negative voice of your ego, you ask yourself, “How can you have Reverence for all life when you consume life?”  After all,  Plants are living, breathing beings who also give their lives in order to benefit humanity.  By eating a plant, you are also consuming something that has surrendered its life in order to benefit you.  In addition, you are disrupting the Nature Spirit that is in charge of overseeing the Plant.  Unless you are growing your own food and asking permission of the Nature Spirit if it is indeed time to harvest the plant, you are in essence disrupting their “job”.

My statements are not in any way intended to insight an emotional reaction, they are offered to help you all realize that there is little difference, in my view, between eating plants or animals.  They both have a life force, a consciousness, and each are an intended food source for the Animal Kingdom.

Be it Plant or Animal, ultimately it is energy in the form of calories that you need to fuel your bodies and that fuel source is different for each person.    Humans cannot at this point consume pure energy as your frequencies have not evolved to that stage so for now so you must gain energy in the form of food and the source of energy required to maintain prefect health is an individual experience.  I would suggest not wasting valuable energy condemning or judging the choices of others.  In essence this is sending negative energy to another living thing and this action is what we are attempting to leave in the past.

In my opinion, you are no less of a wonderful human being if you consume flesh, however, do so with honour and gratitude.   I do not condemn Cobra, Cheetah, Shark or Whale for eating other animals and they are highly evolved beings who extend Reverence to all that they consume.    Anything you consume should be revered, honoured and showered with Gratitude. Unfortunately this practice has been lost over time, especially within the last few decades.  Historically, families would sit together around the table and give thanks for not only their meals but their time together.  This practice gave Reverence to the food consumed but this ritual, especially in the Western World, has been fading.

With that being said, the animals that have incarnated here to be a food source have long ago lost the reverence and honour that was once bestowed upon them in giving their lives for the benefit of another.  Many lead a miserable existence that is without honour.  When you consume factory farm meat, you introduce into your body all of the negative energies that have been integrated into the animal including the fear, misery, poor diet, and medications.  This can easily be negated by purchasing meat that was raised with integrity.  Thankfully there are ever increasing numbers of people who are raising animals intended as a food source and providing them with an honourable existence and fed a nutritious diet.  As more people awaken, they are taking notice of what they are putting into their bodies and demanding that it be healthy and of noble intent whether that be plant or animal.

In the United States specifically, many of the plants consumed are genetically modified and I would suggest that these plants be avoided.  Your body does not recognize these plants as nutritional sources and this will, and has, caused disease.  Even “organically grown” food can be genetically modified so pay attention to what you are eating.

I must also mention that the mere act of eating and tasting food is one of the reasons we are here on this planet at this time.  The taste of food, the feel of it rolling around in our mouths, and the smell of it is something that our high vibrating brethren can no longer enjoy as they sustain themselves on pure energy.  It is a gift to be here to experience the pleasures that only a flesh and blood existence can provide so it is indeed and honour and a privilege to be on Earth to experience these things as we do at this time.  Our digestive systems afford us the opportunity to fully enjoy what we consume, so take full advantage and consume what you will without guilt or fear of judgement. Consume what you feel is best for your being at this time with honour, gratitude and reverence and without guilt or shame.

Walk outside and look up at the Sun with wonderment and awe.  Breathe in the energy of Nature and feeling it penetrate your entire being.  Look around at all of those who have blessed your existence and allow this energy of Admiration and Awe fill your being.  These are the reasons we are here!  You can’t experience what we experience anywhere else.  Many Beings requested to be here at this time of Ascension and out of the innumerable requests, you were chosen! It is not a chore or punishment to be here, it is a gift!  Honour that gift by living in the Present and allow appreciation to permeate your existence.

By judging the choices of others you are wasting valuable energy. Instead focus on all the pleasures of the flesh that you have at your fingertips.  Go outside and take a walk and smell the smells, ride your horse and feel the power beneath you, walk your dog and be in awe of what he knows and sees, hug your family, make love to your beloved and take solace in knowing that there are beings in this Universe who revere you for being able to experience these things! In short, be grateful you are here and  live in the moment.  Love and fully embrace who you are and stop worrying about the future and the choices made by others that you have no control over and be wholly in the present.  Above all,  Enjoy the here and now.

In summary…

You are what you eat.  Give Thanks to whatever you choose to fuel your body.  I suggest you choose your fuel source with discrepancy and know that whatever you are consuming released its life force energy to enable you to continue to fuel yours.

Energize your food prior to consuming it and ask that all that your body needs flow easily into your being and all that is not needed pass through your body unabated.

Be Grateful to what is being offered and above all, pay attention as you chew.  Feel the food in your mouth, taste it with all of your senses and understand that, no matter what you are eating, it was once alive and it has surrendered its life force and now is one with you.  That in of itself is humbling.

Much Love to you All!


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