The New You!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

treasure chest

Things are really starting to get interesting in our beautiful field of Light.  We have officially started hatching into our new and quite interesting forms and finally, with some instruction on where to start to harness your (beginning) power field.  What I am absolutely sure of, meditation is the only key to harness and really understand how to use the new you.  You have become alive with multidimensional fields of energy and their ain’t no way the brain, in all its wonderful glory, will know how to use any aspect of it!  Not without the instruction set from the soul itself.

I have a good friend, Andrea Sartori, who has taken up the joy of teaching others how to meditate, from beginners to advanced and everything in between.  As she is building her own website, I put a space on my website for her to help not only her, but especially…

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