The Many ~ message for March 18, 2013


Finding your balance.

You might find yourself less in control of your emotions than you have been in the past, this is not a bad thing.  You will need to be cautious when you do this to know the difference between expressing your anger in a negative way and expressing your anger in a positive way.  We will say when we work with this your first response will be to tell people to f**k off, and That is not the point of this information.  The point of this information is to see these people for who they are and know that they do not in any way influence you.  You are not responsible for anything that they choose to do or think or say.  Come away from your feeling of being hurt by the stupidity of those who cannot understand, come away from trying to understand these people, communicate to these people, educate these people, help these people for that will not be your job.

Your job will be to help and educate self.  Your job will be to tune into this grid we speak of to be part of a greater informational highway that is person to person and person to planet and planet to creature and creature to plant for it is all connected.  It is not either/or.  You have already determined that your taste buds have been shifting, and they will continue to do this, especially once you are plugged in.  So your eating habits will be changing.  Your physicalities will be shifting once again.  You will be feeling it, but in different ways than you have before.  You will conceivably go through the extremes until you find the one that works best for you, inactive to active until you find the middle, overeating to not eating until you find the middle, extreme sensitivity to no sensitivity until you find the middle.  All we are saying to you is when we flip this particular switch, there will be a learning curve that we will ask you not to become nervous about and simply to allow yourself to recognize that you are finding your comfort zone.  You are plugging into a place that will give you the information you need for your manifestation of your desires.  Also understand when we say these things to you, it is not the way you are interpreting them now, for the way you interpret them now is based on the definition of where you have been for all your lives. That definition is now changing, especially once you are plugged in, for the old definition is based on the old ways, the old foundation, the old expectations.  The new way is different, and you will be basing the new things on new information.  But you have nothing yet to compare it to, so there will be that disorientation in the immediate change, but it will not last long. If you become uncomfortable with this change, all you need do is ask us to help balance you, to see the middle and to assist each other in your own balancing, to speak to each other about that to make sure that there is communication.

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