…begin the spring cleaning of the soul – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn ~ March 17, 2013

Sirian Heaven

Maria 2

My beloved children of Earth, children of Gaia, who is also my child, since I am the incarnation of the Prime Mother in this universe. I bless you and wrap you in my infinite love.

You are walking into so magnificent times, glorious times. The energies that are send to you will even increase in intensity. Do not worry, you are now well prepared for them, and your body is able to process these energies accordingly. They tickle like curious sunbeams more of the sleepers among you to awaken. They rub their eyes in disbelief now whether the meddlesome rays that have made it to their bedrooms and tickle their eyelids with its light and warmth. I love metaphors, and this is obviously one of them. Let these rays get into your heart and warm your body.

The light is now growing stronger and warmer in the northern hemisphere. Despiteā€¦

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