GFL & Kryon on Current events, Time & September of 2013.

Events of historical nature are unfolding rather quickly now and it is indeed true that you are going to see a lot of events happening around your globe in regard to the nature of disclosure from the archaeological point of view, from the scientific point of view, and from the individual encounters that you will see posted on your internet.
 And so, we are going to bring your attention to the never-ending decree, that you are to stay as you are in the position of your power and knowledge, and you are to follow guidelines outlined herein, and so we commence that it is truly the beginning of a revolutionary period in your evolution.
We would like to explain to you today the reason for such difficulty in determining the exact time in which events that we speak of are to occur in your world. For as you already know the linear time that you are used to, is not at all real, does not in fact exist, and is not what we are experiencing. And hence it becomes increasingly difficult for us to state the exact moment that in your linear time a certain event is to take place. We are going to attempt to explain to you how your linear time is calculated from the NOW time where we currently reside.
 And so we can only judge your linear time in direct relation to the time that certain planets will align at specific angles, which will ensure that the vibrations of the universe has indeed reached the earth, and so each planet and star that orbits, spirals and moves at a certain speed of light is responsible for orchestrating the events that occur on earth. And hence if we calculate it and take that into the perspective of calculations of the planetary time and the universal time, and the time of now, and the time that you perceive to be real, then it is indeed probable that approximately in September 2013 of your linear time, there are going to be major events unfolding that have to do with DISCLOSURE.
But I repeat that light workers and the world is about to see a lot of events, a chain of events occurring every single day, of every single moment, of every single hour of every single minute, of every single second, and so forth and so on, for the events that we are instigating are of global nature, and so you are probably wondering what I am referring to.
The first step that we are working on is the removal of ALL world leaders and substitution therein with those from the light… it will still appear to the public that nothing has changed perhaps… and they are going to keep walking in their daydream.. Thinking that indeed nothing has occurred, saying that the end of the world has not come… but it has.. the end of the dark rule over the earth is no more. And the new Era of evolutionary progress has indeed been instituted on planet earth and yes it is true and yes it is so, that it has already happened, and we are not just referring to the time of now (hereon forth we will refer to the time that we are in as the Time of Now) but your linear time, for we understand that you are having quite a bit of difficulty following our decree for you do not understand.. yet.. the real time that exists, the time of all the times, and time of times.. and so we have decided that as best as we can, permitting it is possible to do so, we will try and recognize your time and speak to you in such a way as for you to understand.
And so, the world leaders as you have already seen are beginning to be removed one by one, and there are many more to go.. you are going to see many changes, and the dark and light tag of war is still taking place of course.. and you are going to see tightening of the government body over the peoples of various nations and that is okay. For you are not in need of any panic, for you are not to panic, for this is but a temporary occurrence. This is but a residual effect of a disease, the virus that has been taken care of but the symptoms remain, and that is what you are going to be seeing, for the virus has indeed been removed from planet earth! Yes we repeat the virus has been removed from planet earth and you can now rejoice!!!! Rejoice my loved ones, rejoice our dearest children of the light.
And so the residual effect is what remains in the face of various world governments, for they have been in control for so long and running on specific fuel that it is not easy to switch over to a new direction and in fact it is not advisable to do so simultaneously for it is of utmost importance to give people a chance to adjust to the new concepts of reality. And so you are going to begin noticing more and more movies and shows about the new type of technologies, aliens, etc. More and more information about us (ET’s), ascension, spirituality, etc., will start to seep to the general populace so that they can become more and more familiar with the concept of ascension, and wake up one by one. Many of you are already noticing that some of your friends are coming to you with questions of such natures as to what is happening, and you are there to provide them such answers. But, moving on..
You are going to see new discoveries being made in the science industries particularly concerning the free energy projects, the energy that is going to be freely and readily available to all, energy of such nature as not to harm the planet or the living beings that presently reside on Gaia.
 Soon you are going to see many more books and newspapers and news begin to talk more and more about the UFOS, you will see your newscasters discuss this topic with a more and more serious approach.. All of this is being done to prepare the populace for the actual real first contact on a massive scale.  Once again we repeat that it is not going to happen tomorrow, for most humans on earth are not going to be capable of handling our energy, and so we must prepare them slowly. However, we repeat that those of you who are waiting eagerly to meet us are not looking in the right place.. for we are always with you.. look around and open your hearts and you will see us standing there, we you will see us walking around your streets, you will see us in the sky, in the malls, in the vehicles alongside you. Pay attention dear ones and you will know that it is US that are there.
So many changes are coming, and particularity regarding the September, well as you are aware it is going to be September twenty thirteen, and you are to calculate and you are to ponder on this numerical sequence and we are going to say this onto you, that you are to hold your vibrations high at this time, as high as you can to assist us in bringing forth that which all of you are waiting for. Do not give up dear children of the light, do not fear, for there is nothing to fear..
Regarding September, once again understand that linear time is different than the time of the cosmos, but as we mentioned in the beginning of this conversation we are calculating this based on the light years that it takes various heavenly bodies to come into full alignment for the effect of interplanetary energy of vibration on humans can finally come to completion. Please understand the earth is enveloped in a myriad of such energies daily…  but as has been decided by the universe, by GOD, by all that is.. the energies are intermediary, and have been designed to have a pull, stop, push effect so as to provide you with enough time to adjust your earthly vehicle to the new vibrations and so at times you find yourself in a vacuum so to speak, where the time does not seem to move, and the energy feels stale, but that is not so, for your body is simply at rest.  Vibrations that are coming each and every single one of are designed to do so in a timely manner, so that each and every one of you can ascend properly and not be destroyed by such energy.
 Some of you are moving further along the ascension process than others and It is therefore the reason that some of you are already meeting your soul families, your intergalactic families and why others are not yet doing so, for you are simply not ready, your vehicles are not ready to hold such high vibrations that we can provide. So to those that have already met with their intergalactic soul families or are presently being contacted we congratulate you children of the light, and those of you that have not yet meet with us, we say that we are there waiting for you to open your eyes and see us, we are always with you guiding you ever so gently, ever so lovingly and warmly, we are understand that some of you require more time, and that is okay, but please understand that we are already here, with you every step of the way and we thank you, we thank you for allowing us this opportunity to finally meet with you, and to embrace you in love and light which is your divine birth right. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.
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