What does your radio station sound and feel like today? ~ The Keepers


Beloveds, we have used the analogy before of radio frequencies to illustrate how different energetic frequencies can exist in the same space simultaneously; to be accessed by your own attention, intention and inclination. The differences in these energetics are becoming more pronounced in your world and easier to decipher. If you wish to tune into a higher harmonic, it is now much easier to do so than in the past due to the lightening up of the atmosphere and the increased numbers of Lightbearers on the Planet at this time. There is great support available to those that wish to serve in such a capacity.

You are creators and this is a very important piece of the puzzle, so to speak. In this knowledge you become free to create the kind of world or frequency channel you wish to live on. Dis-empowerment, fear, hatred and dis-ease exist on lower channels of the frequency spectrum; while love, compassion, health, peace and abundance exist on the higher. The longer you can stay on a frequency, the stronger and more stable it becomes. The choice is yours. What does your radio station sound and feel like today? ~ The Keepers

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