Your year 2013 is a clean slate ~ The Many


Your year 2013 is a clean slate. The things you are creating now you can take with you throughout your whole year, but you cannot drag with you what was. It will not work. So what we suggest to each of you, since you are all feeling frustrated, is to tell each of you to stop building on the old. Start asking yourself ‘is this about where I am going or where I have been?’, ‘is this about what I am looking forward to or something that I wish to bring forward with me?’. In asking those questions you will have your answer on why it will or will not work. For if you are doing it based on what was, it will not work, it cannot work. It may give you the illusion in the beginning that it will work, but it will not. If instead you are looking forward to, that you are recognizing your feelings, that you are dwelling within the heart we spoke of, then you will know that what you are creating has a flow to it.

Even the structure has flow, even the foundation has movement, even the things that appear to be absolute will not be absolute for you are in a new time period, that is your phrase, not ours, and in this new time period what you are doing is practising flow. You are practising allowing. You are practising for the real show which will be happening more towards the centre of your year. So this is your practise time. This is your dress rehearsal. This is your ability to be testing things, trying on things, checking out things, but the greatest has to do with how you feel. So if your bodies cause you pain, we will ask you to stay in that pain for a moment. We are not asking you to suffer. We are asking you to recognize how pain feels. We are asking you to recognize how humour feels. We are asking you to recognize, and this is the hard one, how love feels, for in many cases you do not know.

You are waiting to be shown what it all means, and within you are all the answers. You are waiting for something to happen to you, while within you are all the answers. You are waiting for this year to become what you planned it to become, and within you again are all the answers but not based on the old, but rather based on the new. So in some ways you may feel schizophrenic for we will be asking you not to put so much credit into what was. We are not saying you must forget all, but we are saying you must not dwell there. You have enough people who dwell in their past and try to carry it into their future. You cannot be one of them if you wish to see a future as you have said you wish to see.

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