Karen Doonan: Commander Ashtar Speaks to the New Earth in Truth

Karma Yoga Daily

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

AshtarAs channeled by Karen Doonan – March 7, 2013


Those who are able to discern my energies will now be able to understand my communication for I come to communicate through this channel for a reason. For those who are waiting on confirmation of the new earth then this is confirmation of the new earth in truth. Those who have sought to keep truth hidden in plain view now fall to the wayside for truth cannot be hidden from a race that is now awakening in truth.

Much of what I am to communicate at this time may be challenging for there are those who still revel in the complexities of the old earth. They will find truth or they will choose to remain in the loops that are self created, it matters not for the new earth is now born in truth.

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