Starseed Characteristics – who and what are we

Uploaded on 8 Nov 2010  ~   Anna Galdorcraeft
In 2006 I wrote a list of 30 characteristics that explained my experience as a starseed. I created this list because so much of the information out there is written by observers, not starseeds themselves.

No.26 is literally the key element for most starseeds. It tends to be a lifelong longing but with time and self realisation the pain does dull. When you begin to understand who, what & why you are, all the rules of this world begin to fall away & you no longer judge yourself by the ways of this world. The most important thing you can do is trust your intuition even if you’ve ignored it over the years, let it come to the forefront. What you need to know will come to, exactly as you need it.

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