SanJAsKa: The New Paradigm Will Brim With Unity and Understanding

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010-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The truth concerning our existence and the assistance we have been giving on your world can no longer be hidden, and revelations concerning that very assistance will begin to surface in your mainstream media as the collective vibrations continue along their lightening process, which is seeing your collective able to open up to ideas previously outside of the sphere of your conscious perception.

We have long told your cabal heads and the leaders of various developed countries who know of our presence and what we have been doing, that we would begin to step up personal sightings and landings and begin to make ourselves known if they continue to refuse or push back the disclosure of our existence. We have been very serious about this, and we plan to continue to take increasingly bold measures to make ourselves known in the face of a still-rebellious…

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