Aurora — 5D City of Light — Performance at the Holodome — Part I

New Earth Paradigm

This week we continue to explore Aurora, a 5D City of Light, by getting ready to attend a performance at the Holodome. If you missed last week’s description of the Holodome, you can read about it here.  Each time we engage our imaginations by reading descriptions such as these episodes of Aurora, we are actively co-creating the 5th Dimension. Each time we let ourselves wonder what life might be like in the higher realms, we “lay down” another energetic layer of potential that is linking with every other similar possibility. One day our thoughts will have enough collective power to manifest before our eyes. We do not all have to see things exactly the same way; there is plenty of room for variances. The important thing is that we allow our thoughts to activate the codes and blueprints that our cells have carried for this present time.  So relax…

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