Emergence – 7 March 2013, by Elizabeth

Blue Dragon Journal

Almost Spring


by Eliza Ayres

Spring is sprouting in my neck of the woods, the bulbs are coming up, it’s raining outside and snow is falling in the mountains. Sweet!

So what’s happening, y’all? Waking up to headaches, sinus congestion, stuffy noses, red and burning dry eyes, aches and pains, depression, muscle stiffness, fatigue, etc., etc.? I have been. The ascension symptoms, et al, continue.

Good news, though – we are receiving messages from various sources that the Shift IS happening. We’re in the fifth dimension, just don’t know it yet. Most of the world’s population is still fast asleep, but even they are having broken sleep right about now, waking up, wondering what day it is and why did that last dream disturb their slumber…

We are emerging into a new world, but the spring clean-up comes first before the fun times or fall clean-up if you happen to live…

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